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Unpacking Services for Local and Interstate Moves

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Unpacking Services Makes Things Easier

Maroondah Removals and Storage can help you to settle into your new home with a full or partial unpacking service. With our award-winning partners The Finishing Touch, we can help you settle into your new home with our experienced unpacking staff. After we deliver your belongings, the ladies from The Finishing Touch can unpack and organise your kitchen, make beds, set up children's' rooms, and organise living and dining rooms. We can expertly make your house into a home in just one day. We even provide fresh flowers with our compliments as the final 'Finishing Touch'. A Full Unpack will see our ladies unpack all your cartons and set up your entire home.If you would just like some assistance while you unpack your belongings, an 'Assist Unpack' service is hours-based. We work for a fixed time and cost to unpack high priority or designated areas of your new home. Our friendly team can work alongside you to get all of your belongings away efficiently. Or if you don't want to be present or prefer minimal involvement, we can work to a detailed plan of where to place your things.

Why use Maroondah Removals Storage Unpacking Service

Saving you both time and effort while providing a great moving experience!

An unpacking service helps you to settle into your home quickly and efficiently. It saves you the stress and physical effort of unpacking all of your belongings and organising everything into place. This provides you with valuable time to attend to the many tasks needed when you move and settling yourself and/or your family into a new home.

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Choosing Maroondah Removals and Storage for your local or interstate move will save you money!


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With over two decades of furniture moving experience. Maroondah Removals and Storage can get small to large removals done the right way! Saving you time and money on local and interstate moves all year round!

Money Saving Removals

Whether you know it or not. Having professional Maroondah removalists move all your furniture and goods is the cheapest way to move. More reliable and competitive moving services are what we do!

Best Customer Services

Maroondah Removals and Storage provide the best when it comes to removals, moving and backloading services. From packing services to tips and advise. There is little to nothing that we cannot help you move!

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